A series of events spanning eighty years draws these people on a common course that seems to be converging on a single point that will reveal a complex truth and change the course of history once again.

jolene teagarten

Jolene is a minor-league New Orleans lawyer until an unexpected pro-bono assignment snares her into the unfolding presidential assassination investigation – unearthing a dark family legacy that she'd rather not believe, but secretly must pursue.

jaqueline whompin

Jacqie "Black Jacq" Whompin is the daughter of a notable American General and herself a decorated Army Ranger. Now Associate Director of National Intelligence and Kaki's closest friend and advisor, she comes with a well-deserved reputation for quick, decisive action and immerses herself in unraveling the mystery behind the culprits.

Ronnie tamlin

Ronnie Tamlin is founder and CEO of Tenacity Investigative Press (TIP).  TIP covers the stories that mainstream outlets can't or won't touch. Street wisdom says "if TIP is on to you, just confess." With the President's shooting, Ronnie smells a conspiracy she coins "The BENEFACTORS" and sets her sights on Kaki Smithson. 

Katherine kiley smithson

"Kaki" Smithson rises from a middle-class family and enters state politics on a quick path to Governor. In an unprecedented turn, presidential hopeful Sterling Morris reaches across the aisle and selects Kaki as his running mate. An assassin's bullet sets her up for the Oval Office – a move that strikes an 'all too convenient' chord with her detractors.
Flash forward: A beloved president lies critically wounded in a New Orleans hospital, his Vice President comes under fire and suspicion, and the lives of four modern day women are changed forever. 

Anthony William laperose

Anthony is the son of a New Orleans shipping magnate with a flair for logistics. The crash of 1929 nearly scuttles the family business and forges an unwelcome alliance with the burgeoning waterfront unions. A turn of fate shifts their fortune, but family tensions set Anthony on a course to join the newly formed Office of Strategic Services, recruited by none other than Bill Donovan himself. 

Charles clyde constantine

Charles, a member of the New England elite endures a series of downturns that land him as a yacht pilot in the service of an Algerian Regent, traversing the Mediterranean in 1936. A fan of "Wild Bill" Donovan since his days as a Harvard undergrad, Charles is recruited by the OSS to spy on Nazi officers spreading their influence in the brewing tempests of Europe and North Africa.

Herbert irwin Mannington

Herbert Irwin Mannington (aka: HIM) joined J. Edgar Hoover's Bureau of Investigation in the early days before it became known as the FBI.  When a botched operation runs HIM afoul of Washington politics, he signs up as an agent of the OSS, the precursor to the CIA, where his street honed skills propel him to new, unimaginable, depths.

At the close of World War II three remarkable men worked in the service of the OSS.  Each was bright, energetic, idealistic, and possessed a moral compass as a hallmark of their character. GOLD FACTOR is a tale of how they came together as the tumult of World War II ground to a close and nations collapsed. It is a tale of a temptation that could not be denied, of a once-ever opportunity to seize control and become gods among fallen men in an uncertain world. 

meet the characters

"You're getting his job, so you do his job. You find these people," the First Lady said.
Sure, if they don't kill me first, Kaki thought...